*本ディスコグラフィは、勝田均氏制作のディスコグラフィ(http://katta.html.xdomain.jp/discography.html)を参考に、独自に調査・編集を加えたものです。勝田均氏には感謝いたします。 – This discography is based on the discography produced by Hitoshi Katsuta, and has been independently researched and edited. We would like to thank Mr. Hitoshi Katsuta.

*「Title」の英名のうち、()で括ったものは正式名称ではなく日本語タイトルをそのまま英訳したものです。 – English title in parentheses is not official, but a literal translation of the Japanese title.

*「Current Record Llabel/Number」(現行品レーベル/品番)は、本ディスコグラフィ制作時のものです。品切れ、廃盤等で入手不可になることがありますので、あらかじめご了承ください。 – “Current Record Llabel / Number” is the one at the time of production of this discography. Please note that it may not be available due to out of stock or out of print.

Title Recording Year Original Record Label/Number Current Record Label/Number Category
-リーダーアルバム Leader Album
ギターベスト16 – (Guitar Best 16) 1960’s (details unknown) ENNY/BP-1016 (8 Track Cassette Tape) n/a Jazz
内田修ジャズコレクション カタログVOL.1 60’s – Osamu Uchida Jazz Collection Catalog 01 60’s 1963 Okazaki City/OUJC-001 (CD) -> Jazz
銀巴里セッション – Ginparis Session 1963 Three Blind Mice/TBM-9 (LP) CRAFTMAN RECORDS/CMRS-34 (CD) Jazz
ジャズの歴史 第3回 モダンジャズ – (History Of Jazz Vol.3 – Modern Jazz) 1965 朝日ソノラマ (Asahi Sonorama) /No61 (Sono Sheet) n/a Jazz
The Smile I Love 1966 JINYA DISC/B-03 (CD) n/a Jazz
FLOWER GIRL 1968 simon pure/WA-1001 (LP) JINYA DISC/B-10 (CD), CRAFTMAN RECORDS/CMRS31 (LP) Jazz
高柳昌行の聴き方 – (How to listen to Masayuki Takayanagi) 1968, 1982, 1983, 1990, 1991 JINYA DISC (audiobook) -> Jazz/New Direction
マ・メール・ロア – Ma Mere L’Oye 1968 KING/SKK-465 (LP) n/a Classical Music
NOT BLUES 1969 JINYA/DISC B-31 (CD) -> Jazz
INDEPENDENCE 1969 Union Records/UPS-2010-J (LP) n/a New Direction
GUITAR WORK SHOP 1970 Union Records/JUP-5 (LP) n/a New Direction
LIVE INDEPENDENCE 1970 Selfportrait Inc./PSFD-57 (CD) n/a New Direction
call in question 1970 Selfportrait Inc/ PSDF-41 (CD) n/a New Direction
A JAZZY PROFILE OF JOJO 1970 Victor World Group/SMJX-10096 (LP) n/a Jazz
STATION ‘70 1970 JINYA DISK/B-33 (CD) ->, CRAFTMAN RECORDS/CMRS119 (LP) New Direction
解体的交感 – Kaitaiteki Kokan 1970 Sound Creations Inc./SPI-10101 (LP) CRAFTMAN RECORDS/CMRS-13 (CD) New Direction
集団投射 – MASS PROJECTION 1970 DIW/DIW-424 (CD) n/a New Direction
漸次投射 – GURADUALLY PROJECTION 1970 DIW/DIW-425 (CD) n/a New Direction
LIVE AT FREEDOM 1971 JINYA DISC/B-34 (CD) n/a New Direction
Live at Freedom 1971 JINYA DISC/JDR-0010 (CD-R) n/a New Direction
幻野 ’71 日本幻野祭 三里塚で祭れ – (Gen’ya ’71) 1971 Souseiki Record/GNS-1001 – 2 (LP) n/a New Direction
「涙」完全版 – Complete “La Grima” 1971 doubtmusic/dmh-113 (CD) n/a New Direction
FREE FORM SUITE 1972 Three Blind Mice/TBM-10 (LP) CRAFTMAN RECORDS/CMRS67 (CD) New Direction
INSPIRATION & POWER 14 FREE JAZZ FESTIVAL 1 1973 Trio Records/PA-3006 – 7 (LP) ART UNION/ARTD-5555 (CD) New Direction
JAZZ GUITAR FORMS 1973 RCA/RVL-5514 (LP) n/a Jazz
侵蝕 – ECLIPSE 1975 Isukra Records/ISKRA-001 (LP) CRAFTMAN RECORDS/CMRS75 (LP) New Direction
APRIL IS THE CRUELLEST MONTH 1975 April Disc/AP-1 (CD) JINYA DISC/B-12 (CD), Blank Forms/BF008 (LP) New Direction
AXIS/ANOTHER REVOLABLE THING 1975 Blank Forms Editions/BF015 – 016 (CD) -> New Direction
AXIS ANOTHER REVOLABLE THING vol.1 1975 Offbeat Records/ORLP-1005 (LP) Blank Forms Editions/BF015 (LP) New Direction
AXIS ANOTHER REVOLABLE THING vol.2 1975 Offbeat Records/ORLP-1006 (LP) Blank Forms Editions/BF016 (LP) New Direction
Masayuki Takayanagi Archive Ⅰ 1977, 1978 JINYA DISK/B-14 – 18 (CD) n/a New Direction
Live At Taro 1979 JINYA DISC/B-13 (CD) -> Second Concept
Autumn Nocturne 1979 JINYA DISC/JDR-003 (CD-R) n/a Second Concept
Froggy Day 1979 JINYA DISC/JDR-004 (CD-R) n/a Second Concept
Second Concept 1979 JINYA DISC/B-19 – 20 (CD) -> Second Concept
COOL JOJO 1979 Three Blind Mice/TBM(P)-5018 (LP) CRAFTMAN RECORDS/CMRS-49 (CD) Second Concept
80年メールスジャズ祭 – (MOERS FESTIVAL in 1980) 1980 Private Film of Teruto Soejima (8mm Film) n/a New Direction
LIVE AT MOERS FESTIVAL 1980 Three Blind Mice/TBM(P)-5023 (LP) n/a New Direction
内田修ジャズコレクション 人物VOL.1 高柳昌行 – Osamu Uchida Jazz Collection Artists 01 Masayuki Takayanagi 1981, 1984, 1991 Okazaki City/OUJC-002 (CD) -> Jazz
LONELY WOMAN 1982 Three Blind Mice/PAP-25030 (LP) CRAFTMAN RECORDS/CMRS-60 (CD) Jazz
lonely woman live 1982 JINYA DISC/B-08 (CD) n/a Jazz
Solo 1982 JINYA DISC/B-27 (CD) -> Jazz
ANOTHER SITUATION Vol.18 part-1 1983 JINYA DISC/JDR-001 (CD-R) n/a New Direction
即興と衝突 – Encounter And Improvisation 1983 Mobys/Chitei/MC-10017 (CD) -> Jazz
ANOTHER SITUATION Vol.20 part-1 1983 JINYA DISC/JDR-000 (self burned CD-R) n/a New Direction
MASS HYSTERISM 1983 JINYA DISC/B-09 (CD) n/a New Direction
断層 – dislocation 1983 JINYA DISC/B-06 (CD) -> Angry Waves
死人(しびと) – Shibuto 1984 JINYA DISC/B-11 (CD) -> others
アングリー・ウェーヴス VOL.1 – ANGRY WAVES VOL.1 1984 JINYA DISC/B-29 (CD) -> Angry Waves
アングリー・ウェーヴス VOL.2 – ANGRY WAVES VOL.2 1984 JINYA DISC/B-30 (CD) -> Angry Waves
masayuki takayanagi archive 2 1984 JINYA DISC/B-28 (CD) -> New Direction
「北走譚」(ほくそうたん) – Hokusotan 1984 Private Film of Teruto Soejima (8mm Film) n/a others
hakodate-5 (META IMPROVISATION) 1984 JINYA DISC/JDR-006 (CD-R) n/a others
850113 1985 Aketa’s Disk/AD-23CD (CD) DEEP JAZZ REALITY, AKETA’S DISK, OCTAVE-LAB/OTLCD2412 (CD) Angry Waves
action direct 1985 Kojima Recordings/UR-6 (LP) n/a action direct
EXPERIMENTAL PERFORMANCE WITH JOHN ZONE 1986 Mobys Record/Mobys Record 0005 (LP) n/a Jazz
中途半端が何かを狂わす – (Halfway goes crazy) 1989 JINYA DISC/JDR-005 (CD-R) n/a others
reason for being 1990 JINYA DISC/B-02 (CD) n/a others
The complete works of JOJO DVD2 JAZZ 1 1990 JINYA DISC/V-0102 (DVD) -> others
inanimate nature 1990 JINYA DISC/B-01 (CD) n/a action direct
action direct 1990 tokyo 1990 JJINYA DISC/DV-0001 (DVD) n/a action direct
The complete works of JOJO DVD1 action direct 1 1990 JINYA DISC/V-0102 (DVD) -> action direct
Live at Jazz inn Lovely 1990 1990 NoBusiness Records/NBCD135 -> others
el pulso 1990 JINYA DISC/B-04 (CD) -> others
カダフィのテーマ – three improvised variations on a theme of qadhafi 1990 JINYA DISC/B-05 (CD) -> action direct
910415-1 action direct 1991 JINYA DISC/JDR-011 (CD-R) n/a action direct
910415-2 action direct 1991 JINYA DISC/JDR-007 (CD-R) n/a action direct
910415-4 action direct 1991 JINYA DISC/JDR-012 (CD-R) n/a action direct
910415-5 action direct 1991 JINYA DISC/JDR-008 (CD-R) n/a action direct
Dangerous 1991 JINYA DISC/B-36 (CD) n/a action direct
-参加作品 Participating works
守安祥太郎メモリアル – Shotaro Moriyasu Memorial 1954 Rock Well/ME503 (7 inch EP) n/a Jazz
スイング・ジャーナル・オールスター・バンド – Swing Journal Allstar Band 1956 King Record/LKB-2 (LP) King Record/KICJ-2281 (CD) Jazz
20世紀日本ジャズ大系 – A History Of KING Jazz Recordings 1956, 1957 King Record/KICJ-6001-10 (LP) n/a Jazz
ジャズ・メッセージ・フロム・トウキョウ – Jazz Message From Tokyo 1957 King Record/LKB-4 (LP) King Record/KICJ-2282 (CD) Jazz
ミッドナイト・イン・トウキョウ第3集 – Midnight In Tokyo volume three 1957 King Record/SKK-3020 (LP) King Record/KICJ-2658 (CD) Jazz
ジャズ・シーン ‘57 – Jazz Scene ‘57 1957 Full House/PAP-20041 – 42 (LP) n/a Jazz
オール・スターズ・ジャズ・イン・ジャパン – All Stars Jazz In Japan 1957 TokyoShibaura/JLP-1001 (LP) n/a Jazz
モダン・ジャズ・コンサート・アット・ビデオホール – Modern Jazz Concert At Video Hall Tokyo 1958 King Record/K20P-6106 (LP) n/a Jazz
原爆小景<林光合唱作品> – Choral Works Of Hikaru Hayashi – After The Apocalypse 1960 King Record/SKF3006 (LP) n/a Jazz
SONO-JOURNAL 8 ラテン傑作集 – (Sono-Journal 8 Latin Music Masterpiece Collection) 1961 現代芸術社 (Gendai Geijutusha) (Sono Sheet) n/a Latin American Music
日本のジョージ・オールド – Georgie Auld In Japan 1964 Nippon Columbia/PS1075-N (LP) n/a Jazz
マ・メール・ロア – Ma Mere L’Oye 1968 KING/SKK-465 (LP) n/a Classical Music
WE NOW CREATE 1969, 1970 Victor/SMJX-10065 (LP) n/a Jazz
まゆみのシネマ・ミュージック – (Mayumi’s Cinema Music) 1972 Teichiku/SL1339 (LP) n/a Jazz
Q 1971 Three Blind Mice/TBM-6 (LP) CRAFTMAN RECORDS/CMRS110 (CD) Jazz
ALL JAPAN JAZZ FESTIVAL ’71 1971 Philips/FS-5065 – 66 (LP) n/a Jazz
BROADCAST TRACKS ’69-’72 1972 Victor/VICJ 61370 (CD) n/a Jazz
SATIN DOLL 1972 CBS Sony/SOPL-108-XJ (LP) n/a Jazz
MY FAVORITE SONGS VOL.1 ~LOVE~ 1972 SME Record/SRCS-8991 (CD) n/a Jazz
Masabumi Kikuchi With Gil Evans 1972 Philips/FX-8525 (LP) n/a Jazz
FINE AND MELLOW 1973 Three Blind Mice/TBM-16 (LP)
Shuko Mizuno’s “Jazz Orchestra ’73” 1973 Three Blind Mice/TBM-1001 (LP) CRAFTMAN RECORDS/CMRS86 (CD) Jazz
ピアノと管弦楽のための組曲「宿命」 – Destiny suite for Piano & Orchestra 1974 Polydor/POCH-1483 (CD) -> Classical Music
完全版・緑色革命 – Complete Grune Revolution 1976 Offbeat Record/ORLP-1012 (LP) doubtmusic/DMHRP-129 (CD) Jazz
フィルム・レポート 狭山事件 真犯人は誰か – (Film Report Sayama Affair Who Is The Real Criminal?) 1976 SAYAMA AFFAIR Production Committee(16mm Film) n/a Film Music
SONNET 1977 Three Blind Mice/TBM-5004 (LP) n/a Jazz
SPANISH FLOWER 1977 Three Blind Mice/TBM-5008 (LP) n/a Jazz
SONNET/SPANISH FLOWER 1977 Three Blind Mice/TBM-5004/5008 (CD) n/a Jazz
DRAGON GARDEN 1977 Three Blind Mice/TBM-5006 (LP) n/a Jazz
LIVE AT MISTY 1979 Victor Records/SJX-20149 (LP) n/a Jazz
PULSATION 1983 Paddle Wheel/K28P-6244 (LP) n/a Jazz
Duo Live 1984 1984 Studio Songs/YZSO-10051 (CD) Sancha Music/YZSO-10101 (CD) Jazz
FOLLOW THE DREAM 1984 Paddle Wheel/K25P-6328/9 (LP) n/a Jazz
-JINYA DISCが制作または音源管理・提供した、高柳昌行以外の作品 Works other than Masayuki Takayanagi produced or managed/provided by JINYA DISC
Live in Europe(大友良英+山崎比呂志) 2020 CRAFTSMAN RECORDS/CMRS-118 (JINYA DISC/ALTB-35) others
HAS THE FUTURE BECOME THE PAST(Kazuo Imai Quartet) 2022 JINYA DISC/EX-001 n/a others